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About Chroma-Q

The History of Chroma-Q

LED Lighting

Color Block DB4 - Revolutionising the LED Market

In 2004 we launched our first LED product, the Color Block DB4™.

Revolutionary at the time, the unit's unique modular 'building block' design and comprehensive range of fixing options allowed users to easily create a complete LED system using stock of just one generic fixture type.

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Color Web - An Innovative Approach to Visual Effects Surface

In 2005, we launched the Color Web™ LED matrix system in response to high profile show lighting designer Paul Normandale's request for a low resolution display product that had modularity, transparency and flexibility - enabling it to be layered on stage for unique low resolution lighting and video effects.

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Color Block 2 - Second Generation Fixture Sets New Standards Again

In 2009, after five years of enormous success with the Color Block DB4 LED fixture, we looked at every aspect of the product's LED features and improved upon it with the Color Block 2™. The unit combines the original model's core elements of modularity and versatility with an all-new feature set to create a truly second generation LED fixture which has re-defined LED lighting.

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Color Force - A True Successor to Conventional Tungsten Lighting

Based on everything we had learnt with the development of the Color Block 2, we wanted to create a product which offered a true replacement for conventional tungsten lighting fixtures and was capable of lighting large areas.

In 2010, we launched the Color Force™ 72 / 48 LED battens - the first in a complete range of Color Force complementary RGBA creative LED tools.

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Studio Force - Extreme Output White LED Lighting Solutions

Following the success of the Chroma-Q Color Force range, in 2011 we launched Studio Force™ - a complementary range providing a choice of extreme output Daylight white 6,100K CCT and Variable white 3,000K - 6,100K CCT lighting fixtures utilising the same core technologies, and available in the same choice of models.

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Backward Compatibility with Old Models

With the costly business of keeping up with today's constantly evolving professional entertainment technologies, our philosophy is to provide customers with the maximum return on their investment.

As a result, many Chroma-Q LED products have been designed to be upgradeable or backwardly compatible when used alongside previous generations of the same fixture, and share the same accessories.

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