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Chroma-Q Inspire House Lights at Petersfield Festival Hall Provide Truly Immersive Experience thanks to A.C. Special Projects

Chroma-Q Inspire House Lights at Petersfield Festival Hall Provide Truly Immersive Experience thanks to A.C. Special Projects

May 17, 2017 09:20

UK - Petersfield Festival Hall, the versatile multipurpose venue in Hampshire, can now create a truly immersive colour experience as well as great white light for its audiences, events, and galas thanks to its new Chroma-Q Inspire lighting system installed by A.C. Special Projects Ltd. (AC-SP).

Because of the wide range of productions held at the Festival Hall, the venue wanted new colour changing LED house lighting that could provide a full range of colours, from deep saturates to smooth pastels, all with smooth, theatrical grade dimming. Similarly, it was important to provide quality white light for day to day use and corporate functions. Ultra quiet running, low energy consumption and low heat generation were other important considerations.

Having enquired about Chroma-Q’s Inspire fixtures to meet these criteria, John Tucker, the Festival Hall’s Technical manager, was introduced to Andy Holmes, Senior Project Manager at AC-SP, to talk through the practical details of the installation. Andy was not only able to demonstrate different lighting options, but also to advise on control systems that would work equally well with the Hall’s new as well as existing technology.

The final system selected incorporated 16 Chroma-Q Inspire RGBW LED house lights, controlled by DMX through an easy to use Pharos TPC wall mounted touch panel controller. The Pharos allows easy transition between direct finger-tip control, scenes and timelines. Control signals were routed through a Luminex Ethernet-DMX8 node, allowing the fixtures to be controlled in a variety of different groups according to the lighting effects required. All cabling, both power and signal, were supplied by Tourflex Cabling.

The AC-SP Team were responsible for all aspects of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the system, which was completed in March 2017.

John commented, “The Inspires are already making a big difference to the events we hold here at Petersfield; AC-SP have provided excellent support throughout the whole process and their assistance in selecting, supplying and installing the right equipment means we now have a system that everyone attending the venue will really benefit from.”

Andy Holmes of AC-SP said, “The combination of Chroma-Q Inspire fixtures coupled with Luminex and Pharos control was ideal for this project; having the ability to select from such a wide range of different products and technologies means AC-SP can always select a highly suitable option for the project.”

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