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Chroma-Q® Original Color Changer Becomes the Plus


After revolutionizing the colour changer market and selling over 30,000 thousands units worldwide, the Chroma-Q® Original is being re-launched with additional features, improved design and a new name.

The Chroma-Q® Plus retains the Original's core values of proven performance and reliability, but combines these with new electronic features, increased capacity and other enhancements to provide greater flexibility and usability from the same low cost unit.

Designed for fixtures rated up to 1200W and a maximum 175mm lens diameter, the Chroma-Q® Plus now features an optional universal mounting plate for fixtures with colour frames between 159mm (6 ¼") - 254mm (10").

Frame capacity has also been increased from 16 to 20 colours to provide users with more creative freedom when lighting shows.

The Plus utilises digital circuitry to control advanced features including fan speed, motor scrolling speed, gel saver mode and reset.

Fan speed can be adjusted between four settings to select the optimum balance between noise level and gel life. At slower speeds the unit provides quieter operation for very low noise environments, whilst at faster speeds the increased airflow to the gel extends the life of deeper coloured media.

The Plus's gel saver mode also extends media life by gently rocking the media back and forth to dissipate lamp heat over the media. Two motor scrolling speeds provide a fast frame change for a rock show environment and a slow frame change for a theatre environment.

The colour changer can be operated in the traditional single channel mode or two channel mode allowing individual features to be controlled via DMX from a console. Other features of the Plus include quick access lid and removable take up reels allowing colour scrolls to be accessed and changed without any tools. The unit also has power assist colour scroll loading.

For added user convenience, the LED display indicates by bar readings, power, data integrity and signal level for ease of troubleshooting the system.

Lightweight and environmentally friendly, the Plus is manufactured from recyclable materials and conforms to the upcoming RoHS legislation regarding the use of hazardous material.

The Plus is also compatible with the Chroma-Q® Original colour changer, making it the ideal upgrade for existing Original units in use without any noticeable change in the appearance or basic operation.

A.C. Lighting is the exclusive worldwide distributor for the Chroma-Q® colour changer range.


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Keep up to date with the latest news and product launches from Chroma-Q.

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