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Color Force - Premium Entertainment Lighting Solutions

Every aspect of the Chroma-Q Color Force™ lighting solutions range - both inside and out - is designed to deliver the highest performance levels from a lighting instrument, for today's most demanding applications.

Accurate Colour Consistency...

Each Color Force model delivers the same colour results in any situation, regardless of the model type or the date it was manufactured.

...Between Fixtures...

The LED selection, combined with Chroma-Q's advanced ColorSure™ technologies, provide total colour consistency between fixtures.

High Quality Light Output

High Quality Light OutputThe custom optical design provides a smooth, even light output with a high CRI and outstanding colour blend across the spectrum, even when lighting close to the fixture.

The fixture produces equally impressive bold saturates, subtle pastels and a complete range of whites, from 1,000 K to 10,000K, all from the same fixture.

Perfectly Complement Your Stage Lighting

High quality output across the range fits seamlessly on a stage with other lighting instruments, giving a perfect result every time. Lens options allow a Color Force fixture to be used in a variety of applications.


...Over Time

Colour Consistency Between Fixtures Over TimeThrough batch control and careful thermal management, fixtures deliver the same colour results during any period of operation.

As a result, the Color Force range is ideal for applications where meticulous colour accuracy and consistency between fixtures is essential, such as theatre or corporate presentations.

Theatrical Grade Dimming

Theatrical Grade DimmingTheatrical grade dimming emulates the extremely smooth dimming curve of tungsten fixtures, from completely off to completely on, and with no visible stepping or jerkyness during the dimming. This makes the Color Force range ideal for theatre or other staged productions.

Built To Last

Every aspect of the fixtures' design and build has been carefully considered to ensure they provide many years of service, helping deliver the maximum return on investment.

Studio Force - Premium Film & TV Lighting Solutions

The Studio Force™ white lighting solutions range is designed to deliver the highest levels
of performance from a lighting instrument, for today's most demanding TV, film, broadcast and studio applications.

A Choice of White Colour Temperatures

Choose between tungsten white, daylight white or flexible variable white sources producing a range of colour temperatures, from 3,000K - 6,100K CCT.

High Quality Light Output

The custom optical design provides a smooth, even light output, with frequency adjustment up to 9,600 Hz.

LED Consistency & Efficiency

Being an LED light source, the models offer fantastic energy efficiency, low servicing and low maintenance costs. And unlike a traditional light source, there's no colour shift over time or when dimming.

Mains and DC Battery Operated Models

Mains and DC Battery Operated ModelsAll 12" Studio Force models are available as DC battery powered models, making them ideal for location work.


Colour CalibrationAll Studio Force models are factory calibrated to match the black body locus, for a perfect white through the CCT range.

Soft Lights

The Studio Force Phosphor™ range provide a beautifully soft, even light source with a massive output for their compact size. The variable white model includes remote onboard adjustment of hue, Kelvin and level, to control not just the colour but also fine-tuning of the green and magenta tints.


The Studio Force range has been designed to provide maximum utilisation through their flexible, multi-purpose design.

An extensive range of optional accessories are available to suit different applications for the Studio Force standard 12" and Compact models - including a lightbank kit, diffuser box attachments, barn door and various other accessories.

Chroma-Q Worldwide Users & Comments

With their cutting-edge technologies, Chroma-Q's award-winning entertainment and architectural lighting products have been setting new standards of performance for a huge range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.

Why not check out a selection of the many satisfied customers & high-profile projects internationally that have utilised Chroma-Q products, and see what users are saying about the products.