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The Chroma-Q® 4Play™ is a fault tolerant, self healing 4 way DMX buffer designed to fully isolate all outputs from each other. Supplied with 4 x 5 pin connectors, each output is separately generated and boosted from the original DMX signal. The 4Play is suitable for truss mounting with a normal hook clamp and will work with mains voltages world-wide. It also features a chassis mounted IEC male to assist international cabling.

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Technical Specifications

Product code DMX4
A 148mm / 5.9"
B 158mm / 6.3"
C 40mm / 1.6"
Weight 0.6kg / 1.3lbs
Power connector 100-240V 50/60Hz, 15W, IEC chassis male
DMX connector in/out XLR5
DMX connector out XLR5
DMX connector thru XLR5

Ordering Information


  • DMX4: Chroma-Q 4Play