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Brute Force

The right light, day or night

The Chroma-Q® Brute Force™ is a realistic LED alternative to the traditional quarter 'Wendy' light, with a full colour RGB-W lamphead that draws just 15 amps @ 240V.

Brute Force has been designed to ensure optimal functionality across a variety of applications*.

Robustly designed and fully dimmable, the Brute Force utilises multiple Chroma-Q Studio Force II™ 1.2m / 48" length tuneable white battens with an extended CCT range between 2,000K and 10,000K.

Each unit features mappable pixel control with RDM, DMX and optional wireless operation.

With the Studio Force II Cine-Q mode, it is possible to control Brute Force as a variable CCT and an RGB-W mode at the same time, and even crossfade from a white point to a saturated colour.

Brute Force is available in 6-lamp (Brute Force 6) and 4-lamp (Brute Force 4) options. Brute Force 6 has on-board multipoint fixings to allow easy rigging and the option to combine units to form larger arrays - such as combining four units to create comparable output to a full Wendy light. Brute Force 4 is supplied with a yoke and standard TV spigot for conventional rigging.

In addition, the Studio Force II 48™ fixtures can be removed from the Brute Force mounting frames and used for other film wash and effects lighting applications.

Patents Pending.

Key Features

  • Realistic LED alternative to the traditional quarter 'Wendy' light
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption - draws just 15 amps @ 240V
  • No downtime due to lamp failures
  • Produces tuneable whites, as well as pastel and saturated colours (2,800K - 6,500K / 2,000K - 10,000K extended CCT)
  • Pixel mapping to generate 'effects' - e.g. fire & lightning
  • Full creative control from a lighting desk or media server

Technical Specifications

Brute Force 6
(x6 Studio Force II 48 fixtures)
Brute Force 4
(x4 Studio Force II 48 fixtures)
CCT Adjustable 2,800K - 6,500K CCT Adjustable 2,800K - 6,500K
CRI Up to 94 CRI Up to 94
Mired Shift (+/- Green) +2 / -2 Green shift
(KHi mode)
Mired Shift (+/- Green) +2 / -2 Green shift
(KHi mode)
Hot Lumen Output (approx max) 144,000 lm Hot Lumen Output (approx max) 96,000 lm
Pixel Mapping 96-Way Control Pixel Mapping 64-Way Control
Dimming Ultra Smooth Dimming Dimming Ultra Smooth Dimming
Control Protocol DMX Control Protocol DMX
Net Dimensions (including stirrup) LxHxD 1480mm x 1640mm x 320mm Net Dimensions (including stirrup) LxHxD 1225mm x 1650mm x 320mm
Weight 175kg / 386lbs Weight 120kg / 265lbs
Power Consumption (max) 6 x 550W = 3300W Power Consumption (max) 4 x 550W = 2200W
Connections Power: 6 x Neutrik powerCON TRUE 1
Data: 6 x Neutrik XLR 5 - pin
Connections Power: 4 x Neutrik powerCON TRUE 1
Data: 4 x Neutrik XLR 5 - pin

Ordering information

Brute Force 6 and Brute Force 4 are available in two main options:
1) As a complete unit including the Studio Force II fixtures, either with or without the Weather Cover.
2) As the exterior frame-only (for existing Studio Force II 48 owners), either with or without the Weather Cover.

Description Brute Force 6 Brute Force 4
Complete unit, including the frame, x6/x4 Studio Force II 48 battens, link cables and Weather Cover CHBF6FRW-3FEED CHBF4FRW-2FEED
Complete unit (as above), without the Weather Cover CHBF6FR-3FEED CHBF4FR-2FEED
Exterior frame only, plus the Weather Cover CHBF6FRW CHBF4FRW (with Yoke)
Exterior Frame Only CHBF6FR CHBF4FR (with Yoke)
Custom Flightcase CHBF6FC1 N/A
Brute Force Hybrid power & data cable MULPCTM/X5SM-PCTF/X5SFDHD-1.6 MULPCTM/X5SM-PCTF/X5SFDHD-1.6
Brute Force DMX link cable MUCX5SD1-1.6 MUCX5SD1-1.6

Optional weather cover accessory

* To provide an additional level of protection when using Brute Force outdoors or in studio-simulated weather conditions, the fixture must be fitted with the Weather Cover optional accessory, and used in accordance with the operation instructions provided. Always consult the product manual for full details. Additional precautions should be taken to protect the fixture when operated in severe weather conditions.

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