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Featuring DMX operation, the Chroma-Q® Twin FX DMX Rotator fits the ETC short Source 4, Strand SL, Altman Shakespeare and Selecon Pacific fixtures, and can be operated with either one single or two counter-rotating gobos at 0.25-20RPM. The Twin FX DMX has the added functionality of remote control via DMX and full indexing capability, allowing gobos to be reliably recalled to specific positions. The Twin FX DMX Rotator will work with the PS02, PS08 and Magic Box™ PS12 power supplies.

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Technical Specifications

  • Product code: CHGR2DFX
  • A: 111mm / 4.4"
  • B: 263mm / 10.4"
  • C: 70mm / 2.8"
  • D: 13mm / 0.5"
  • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.5lbs
  • Gobo size: B
  • Speed range: 0.3 - 24rpm
  • Power consumption: 0.6PU, XLR4

Ordering Information


  • CHGR2DFX: Chroma-Q Twin FX DMX Gobo Rotator