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Entertainment Lighting Applications

Suitable Products for Museums and Exhibitions

Sometimes lighting is needed to bring the right atmosphere and dramatic feel to a particular scene of a museum display or exhibition. Effects lighting can be used to give static displays a theatrical feel and enhance their scenery. Timed lighting sequences and strong colour can also help reveal information and enhance a display.

The Chroma-Q Color Force and Studio Force ranges are ideal for these types of 'architainment' lighting applications, including illumination of walls, backgrounds, cycs and features.

The ranges offer powerful light outputs, extremely smooth uniform washes, a choice of built in standalone or DMX controlled effects and smooth, theatrical grade dimming. The Color Force range's extended RGBA colour palette produces both bold, vibrant colours and smooth pastels in a single fixture.

For purely white light, the Studio Force range offers a choice of daylight and variable white lights, with at least twice the output of the Color Force RGBA variants.

For temporary exhibitions, the Color Charge range provides a compact, wireless, battery powered fixture which is quick and easy to set up, requiring no wires or cables. The product also features a choice of built in standalone or DMX controlled effects and powerful outputs.