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Entertainment Lighting Applications

Suitable Products for Theatres and Performance

The demands on theatrical lighting are as diverse as the productions. Large musical shows are often more similar in style to rock concerts, some strive to re-create true to life situations whilst others use lighting to suggest only. LED fixtures can have a place in all of these styles of theatrical production.

The Chroma-Q range includes a wide choice of lighting accessories for generic lighting, such as colour changers and gobo rotators.

The latest generation of Chroma-Q LED products have been specifically designed to meet the very demanding technical requirements of theatrical lighting. The Color Force range features an extended RGBA colour palette providing bold saturates as well as subtle pastels from a single fixture, and a high CRI of 92 for a clean white. Other features include a powerful output for washing up to 8m / 26ft cycs, an extremely smooth, uniform colour blend and theatrical–grade dimming.

There's also the Color Block range, which features a versatile modular 'building block' design for connecting the fixtures together to create full bespoke LED lighting solutions in a wide variety of shapes, and offers a choice of accessories for creating footlights, cyclorama floods, truss toners and many other types of lighting effects.