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Rugged, Cost-Effective Show Intercom Beltpack

With a reputation for innovative effects, control and data distribution accessories, we have turned our attention to the Audio sector with the launch of the new Chroma-Q® ShowCom™ - a compact, rugged, cost-effective show intercom beltpack.

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Technical Specifications

Product Code CHSCBP1
Net Dimensions
(without fixings)
98mm x 110mm x 55mm / 3.9" x 4.3" x 2.1"
Material Aluminium + ABS poly
Net Weight 330g / 0.7lbs
Supply 24-32VDC, 100mA max
Line Signal Level 1mA/V
Microphone Type Dynamic
Headphone Impedance 32-400 ohms
Headphone Output Power 1.0W/32ohms, 650mW/200ohms
Compatibility Clearcom RS series

ShowCom Link Connector

Pin Function
1 Shield/Ground
2 Power
3 Audio/Call

ShowCom Headset Connector

Pin Function
1 Mic Cold/Shield
2 Mic Hot
3 Phones -
4 Phones +

Ordering Information


  • CHSCBP1: Chroma-Q ShowCom Beltpack