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Chroma-Q Product Support

Universal Gel Filter Calibration

Checking Gel Alignment

1. Remove the front cover.

2. Plug into a power supply unit and DMX control console.

3. Scroll to the first color frame on the left side Take Up Reel (TUR) and mark the center of the color frame with reference to the center of the Scroller.

4. Scroll to the first color frame on the right side Take Up Reel (TUR) and mark the center of the color frame with reference to the center of the Scroller.

5. Scroll between these two opposite ends several times and check the position of the mark with the center of the scroller as index.

6. Gel calibration should be performed when alignment variance is more than 1 inch on either side of the mark.

Gel Calibration

7. Motors: press on each motor, left and right to confirm tightness. There must be no play on each motor.

8. Hub Alignment: Inspect Top and Bottom Hubs of each TUR. Each hub must be fully inserted to the tube and aligned with a maximum tolerance of around +/- 1mm only. Turn each TUR to check if the Up and Down motion on each of the hubs are within this maximum estimated tolerance. When scrolling, the hubs must not rub against the scroller chassis. A hub that is not fully inserted can be adjusted/aligned by pushing the hub towards the tube with a flat screwdriver.

9. TUR Friction: Check if both left and right Take Up Reels move with minimal and equal friction. Unplug both motors from the PCB and with both hands on each TUR and manually turn back and forth. It should feel free and the minimal resistance on both TUR should be identical.

10. Belt Tension: Check the tension of the timing belt by pressing the middle part between the motor shaft and pulley. The recommended slack for each timing belt should be equivalent to ~ 6mm.

11. Belt Adjustment: due to parts tolerances, belt tension varies when turning the TUR. The timing belt must be adjusted at tightest point. To determine the tightest point of each timing belt, use the D-clip on the pulley as reference, then turn the timing belt on increments marking the tightness on each increment. Stop at the tightest spot. Loosen the 4 screws that hold the motor, then pull the motor towards or away from the pulley to achieve the desired timing belt tension. Tighten the screws to fixed this motor position.

12. Repeat items number 1 to 5 to check alignment again.

Note: While all due care has been taken in the preparation of this document, Chroma-Q shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or omissions which may occur herein.