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Chroma-Q Product Support

Product Downloads

In this support section, you will find product downloads such as product brochures, specification sheets, user manuals, quick start guides and images for the Chroma-Q range of products.

If you experience difficulties with any Chroma-Q products please contact your local dealer. If your local dealer is unable to help then please contact

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for on our website, then contact our Chroma-Q marketing department by sending an email to

Product Brochure Spec
Reference Quick
Start Guide(s)
Manual Exploded
IES CAD Symbol Software Tech
Studio Force II Range
Studio Force II 12  
Studio Force II 48    
Studio Force II 72    

Product Brochure Spec
Manual Quick
Start Guide(s)
Software Exploded
IES CAD Symbol Certificate Tech
Color Force II Range
Color Force II 12  
Color Force II 48    
Color Force II 72    
Space Force Range
Space Force  
LumenRadio Kit                  
Manual Yoke                  
Protective Lens                  
Studio One Range
Studio One 100 D      
Studio One 100 V      
Studio One 100 T      
Color One Range
Color One 100X  
Color One 100X IP65 Stainless Steel Connectors  
Color One 100  
Color One 100 IP65  
Color One 100 IP65 Stainless Steel Connectors  
LED Moving Head Range
AutoLED II  
Inspire House Light Range
Inspire XT RGBW
Inspire RGBW
Inspire RGBW Terminal Strip    
Inspire Mini RGBW
Inspire Mini RGBW Terminal Strip      
Inspire External Control Box              
Inspire External Control Box UL924          
Inspire Ceiling Mount Kit            
Inspire Sloped Blind Mount Install              
Inspire Blind Mount Kit              
Inspire Snoot            
Inspire Yoke Mount Kit              
Photometric Data and Application Notes »
Color Block Range
Color Block 2 Plus  
Color Block 2 Plus Nano
Color Block 2 Plus Nano Fan Out Box  
Color Block Plus Replacement Engine
Color Block PSU05B V2
Color Block PSU30 V2  
Color Block Batten Bracket Kit  
Color Block Blinder Frame  
Color Block Wall Bracket
Color Block 250mm LED Pipe
Color Block 1.3m LED Pipe
Color Block Lens Film
Color Charge Range
Color Charge    
Color Charge Plus  
Color Force Range
Color Force Compact  
Color Force 12  
Color Force 48  
Color Force 72  
Color Force Compact PSU 15    
PSU 5 Way for Compact    
Spigot Adaptor                
Studio Force D Range
Studio Force D Compact  
Studio Force D 12  
Studio Force D XT 12    
Studio Force D 12 Phosphor  
Studio Force D 48    
Studio Force D 72    
Studio Force Compact PSU 15    
PSU 5 Way for Compact    
Spigot Adaptor                
Studio Force V Range
Studio Force V Compact  
Studio Force V 12  
Studio Force V 12 Phosphor
Studio Force V 48    
Studio Force V 72    
Studio Force Compact PSU 15    
PSU 5 Way for Compact    
Spigot Adaptor                
Studio Force T Range        
Studio Force T 12  
Studio Force T 12 Phosphor  
Spigot Adaptor                
Color Span 2 Range
Color Span 2 400 IP20    
Color Span 2 400 IP67    
Color Span 2 800 IP20    
Color Span 2 800 IP67    
Color Span 2 1200 IP20  
Color Span 2 1200 IP67    
Color Span 2 Way PSU    
Color Span 6 Way PSU    
Color Span 18 Way PSU    
Colour Changers / Scrollers
ShowCom Beltpack      
Power Supplies
PS02 Power Supply  
PS08 Power Supply  
Magic Box Range
Magic Box PS12 Power Supply  
Magic Box 8 Way Buffer  
Magic Box 8>4 A/B Switch  
Magic Box EtherSwitch 7    
Magic Box EtherSwitch 7F    
Magic Box EitherSwitch 7F Upgrade Kit            
Pair of Magic Box Ears            
FxForce IR      
Moving Mirror    
Uploader II