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Chroma-Q Legal Notice


The Chroma-Q name and all associated product names are recognised trademarks of Chroma-Q.

The trademarks include:

  • Chroma-Q®
  • Vista by Chroma-Q®
  • Inspire™
  • Inspire Mini™
  • Inspire XT™
  • AutoLED II™
  • Color Force™
  • Color Force Compact™
  • Color Force 48™
  • Color Force 72™
  • Studio Force™
  • Studio Force D 12™
  • Studio Force D XT 12™
  • Studio Force V 12™
  • Studio Force T 12™
  • Studio Force D 12 Phosphor™
  • Studio Force V 12 Phosphor™
  • Studio Force T 12 Phosphor™
  • Studio Force Compact™
  • Studio Force D Compact™
  • Studio Force V Compact™
  • Color Charge™
  • Color Charge Plus™
  • Color Block™
  • Color Block 2™
  • Color Block 2 Plus™
  • Color Web™
  • Color Split™
  • Color Punch™
  • Color Span™
  • Color Span 2™
  • Magic Amber™
  • Plus™
  • Broadway™
  • Cascade™
  • M5 Plus™
  • M8 Plus™
  • Daylight PAR™
  • Magic Box™
  • 4Play™
  • ShowCom™
  • Color One 100™
  • Color One 100X™
  • Studio One 100™
  • Space Force™
  • Color Force II 12™
  • Color Force II 48™
  • Color Force II 72™
  • Brute Force ™

In addition, all content on this website is the property of Chroma-Q and may not be copied, used, reproduced, or transmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of Chroma-Q, which reserves all rights.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct, Chroma-Q accepts no liability for errors or omissions. Technical specifications and data are provided for guidance only. Because we constantly aim to improve our products, we reserve the right to amend or alter at any time and without prior notice, the specifications of any product. E&OE.